Mother Mary Sessions

Confusion to Clarity Reading 60 minutes $222

Travelers on a spiritual journey set out with the best of intentions and hope to create a life they are happy to share. Yet, life does not always deliver what we thought we ordered. Whether you are experiencing a dark night of the soul or simply have a recurring pattern of disappointment or failure (no matter how many times you say your affirmations,) Mother Mary can offer you a new way of seeing the trajectory of your choices and why they lead to outcomes you didn’t want.  Mother Mary will also offer suggestions as to how to shift your thoughts, beliefs and actions to create greater peace, success and fulfillment. Whether you are wrestling with a relationship issue, a money difficulty, or simply a crisis of confidence within yourself, Mother Mary can help bring clarity. Whatever the challenge, 60 minutes with Mother Mary can set you on a clearer path and give you the confidence to make new choices toward the deeply satisfying life you wish to create.

Soul Purpose Reading 90 minutes $333

If you are ready to set aside your doubts and fears and learn exactly what your soul agreement is for this life, choose this session to learn who you came to be, and what to do next. This reading is truly life changing as instead of inquiring how to make more money or meet your soul mate or where to live, you will learn the WHY behind your earth journey. Your understandable human questions will have answers and yet will be based on a much deeper level of clarity. Once you are connected again to your soul’s agreement, the choices you make will come from that profound connection and knowing.

Once you schedule your session, you will be emailed a list of 10 questions, along with your confirmation of time and method of contact (Zoom, telephone, Skype etc.). You will need to answer these questions and send your responses back at least 24 hours before your session. These reflections will prepare you for a greater understanding of why certain things may have occurred in your life and you will be able to reframe then from the human story to your new soul passage journey. The session will be recorded so you can refer to it again.

Soul Coaching with Mother Mary and Samarah 4 half hour sessions $444

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to shift a longstanding pattern; some form of sabotage keeps you from having the success you deserve. Soul coaching allows you to receive a combination of Samarah’s experience and Mother Mary’s love and wisdom over the course of 4 sessions (weekly or bi weekly as best fits the situation). These personal sessions are done via Zoom or telephone and recorded for you so that you can refer to them. Many people hire personal trainers to get the most from their workouts. Soul Coaching can help you laser in on the issues that have eluded you and turn your longtime saboteur into an ardent advocate and cheerleader!