Overworked? Overwhelmed? Overlooked?

Create Balance, Peace and Joy on a 12-week transformational Journey
guided by The Professor and the Mystic.

Dare to Dream: Weeks 1-4

Open your heart and mind to new possibilities for fulfillment, balance and joy as you uncover the habits and beliefs that have held you back.

Dare to Create: Weeks 5-8

Gain clarity about the life you would love to live and the connection between intention, inner dialogue and constructive action.

Dare to Change: Weeks 9-12

Learn the art and science of conscious creation as you embrace and transform your inner critic to shape the extraordinary life you long to live.

Meet your Guides:

The Professor and The Mystic

The Professor Tami Urbani Brancamp, PhD
I believe language is powerful. How we consciously and unconsciously use our thoughts and words impacts our intentions and our lives. I am committed to supporting women and men who desire to live on purpose, to consciously create an extraordinary life. I know this is possible for all of us, as I AM living a consciously created, extraordinary life.

The Mystic: Rev. Samarah Grace Daniels, D. Min
My deepest joy comes from assisting you to discover and transform whatever lies between you and your divine purpose. Together we can identify the beliefs and experiences that created a story that no longer serves you. With that knowing and a fresh perspective, you can create a new way of being that honors the gifts you came to share and provides a life full of joy and fulfillment.