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Traditional Usui Reiki is the foundation and the gift from Dr. Usui and the lineages that resulted from Mrs. Takata and the 22 Masters that she initiated. Today there are hundreds of thousands of people who have experienced Reiki and been trained in traditional Usui Reiki.

I trained in the traditional Usui Reiki and followed the one year apprenticeship and paid the $10,000 fee established by Mrs. Takata.  I then went on to train and teach as I had been taught. Interestingly enough, within six months of receiving my Master attunement (in the sacred canyons of Sedona), I had made back the $10,000 and had the extraordinary visitation from Mother Mary that would change the course of my life and be the blessing that I could then offer around the world.

The Activation:

Usui Reiki is the beginning of activating the light body into the system. From a human personality orientation, the Reiki student now experiences being lit from within and having a degree of knowing what directions and decisions are for the highest good even when they seem illogical or others are critical of the decision. It is the beginning of clarity and openness and honesty about purpose and passion and soon new possibilities open for personal growth and service.

The Alignment: Manna Reiki

Years later, in a little church in Lahaina, Maui, Mother Mary told me that I would bring forth a new form of Reiki called Manna Reiki. Nothing more was said at the time and it was several years later that I was channeling Mother Mary on my radio show that she announced, “Samarah will now bring forth Manna

Reiki and if you are called to do this, write to her and she will come.” Needless to say, after the initial shock, I waited to receive instructions in what this new form of Reiki would be. I was contacted by one of my listeners in California and we arranged for the first class to be held in the home of one of her friends. As I packed for the trip, I kept waiting for new instructions, and did not get any response. So, I packed my usual materials for teaching Usui Reiki and got on the plane.

Just before landing, I got my download.

I would not be using any of the old materials. This new Reiki would be a triple initiation where I would be channeling Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, and Archangel Metatron. Mother Mary would guide the opening of the heart; Michael would invoke the sword of truth and the shield of light to activate courage to act upon the heart’s guidance and Metatron would initiate each person to open to the mind of God within. Thus, the head, heart, and hands could now act in unison for the highest good and the most radiant light for each participant.

Throughout the next three years I traveled and shared Manna Reiki in the US and Canada and felt the strengthening of community and confidence that this triple initiation provided. Then, as with all that has happened since 1997 when Mother Mary first came, just as I am getting comfortable, the next level appears.

This time it was the White Star Council and galactic guides. I did not want to welcome them at first as I felt again that this would make some people turn away and be uncomfortable. And yes, some did. But when it is brought to me in love and with the blessing of Mother Mary and Dr Usui and many more, I accept their challenge and say yes.

So, in January of 2016 I held the first White Star Reiki class. This next step came as part of including the galactic realm in concert with Mother Mary and the beings of Manna Reiki. They came to me and I was told that I would initiate 22 Masters in the White Star lineage. During that first weekend I received an initiation/attunement from the galactic that activated my pineal gland and held me in a physical energy download that nearly knocked me off my feet.

This was to be the way I would attune all the others. It was done with each person lying on the massage table (not seated as in traditional Reiki) All the other students were to gather around the table while I stood at the head, called in all of the Reiki beings and gave the attunement. The experience was beyond anything else I have experienced and that was also the feedback that I got from those who were there.

I was also told that the foundation of Usui Reiki would now be evolving and allowing for the energy of love to merge with the energy of light so that the masculine and feminine would be married within everyone to hold more light and to feel more love. Thus, White Star Reiki is the next generation of Reiki since we are ready now to hold this marriage within and offer it out.

Because these energies require a process of facing the shadow side within each person, it is essential that each level have both a preparation and a follow-up process. Thus Reiki 1 has required reading and a 21 day follow-up with 3 group calls and 3 homework assignments to help each student retain the new energies and retrain the energy alignment within as needed.

The class outlines are still evolving and so far, this is what I envision.

White Star Reiki First Degree:Weekend Format.

$333 includes manual and Reiki 1 certificate

Books utilized: William Rand Reiki 1-2 manual.

Required Reading prior to the class: (there will be practices during the weekend which refer to these two books, so it is important to have a working knowledge of them.

The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz

The Best Year of your Life by Debbie Ford

Benefits may include:
• Hone energy-awareness and understanding of body, mind, spirit connection
• Experience a deeper sense of connection to every living thing
• Experience deeper intuition and spiritual guidance
• Experience greater consciousness, calmness, creativity, joy, abundance, and love

Instruction includes:
• Reiki history, lineage, principles, nature, science, ethics and responsibilities
• Energy reading and healing
• Reiki energy experience and sacred ceremonial attunements
• Reiki treatment and self-treatment hand positions
• Reiki symbols and uses

The Consecration:White Star Reiki Second Degree

Weekend Format $444 includes manual and Reiki 2 certificate.

Books Utilized: William Rand Reiki 1-2 Manual

Required Reading prior to the class:

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford; The Dance by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Supplemental Materials:The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo; The Course in Miracles;

Benefits may include:

  • Experience greater alignment with your soul purpose and highest expression of self
  • Empower your dreams and goals, to step into the future of your dreams
  • Increase your healing capacity in service to yourself, others, and all-that-is
  • Develop the capacity to heal yourself and others across time and space

Instructions will be given on:

  • Distance healing, over time and space
  • Special uses for Reiki
  • Reiki business start-up

The Harmonizing : White Star Reiki Third Degree

Three day Weekend Format $555 includes manual and Reiki 3 certificate

Books Utilized: Essential Reiki by Diane Stein; The Complete Reiki Tutor by Tanmaya Honervogt

Required Reading: Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss; The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Riso and Hudson

White Star Reiki Master Teacher Program

Ten months to one year (as needed) commitment

Commitment: $5555 payable in 10 monthly installments of $555 or other arrangements as needed.

What you receive:

Each White Star Reiki Teaching Master will have a written curriculum to follow and to provide to each student that will facilitate a deep and lasting change. Within each class there is also room to add the components that are the specialty of that teacher: angel readings, channeling, nutrition, animal Reiki etc.

Each White Star Teaching Master will also have a presence on the website (not yet built) where they can share the classes they are offering and with a link to their own website if they have one.

Monthly Lesson to assist in unearthing any old patterns or beliefs that no longer serve you with a reading from book or article and a homework assignment

Monthly Group call for all the Reiki Teachers in Training to share and to ask for help or resources with any challenges especially as they relate to the reading.

Monthly Private 1-1 call with Samarah and the Reiki Masters from the other realms, Mother Mary, Michael, Metatron etc. to deepen and allow any personal guidance to assist you in clearing and establishing all that would be helpful to you.

White Star Reiki Master Teacher Requirements:

  1. Give at least thirty 1-1 Reiki sessions during this apprenticeship. Keep records using the client forms and make note of any changes for those clients that are seen more than once.
  2. Send Distance Reiki on a weekly basis and keep track of any feedback or impressions that you receive.
  3. Journal about and/ or Share any Reiki challenges or triumphs during our monthly conference calls.
  4. Have a daily spiritual practice (Course in Miracles or other spiritual texts, prayer, etc )and give yourself, the world or someone else at least fifteen minutes of Reiki on a daily basis.
  5. Final “Exam”: Create a Reiki Master project that makes your heart sing. It could be a monthly gathering like Women with Wings, a Reiki share that you sponsor, an outreach Reiki program for the elderly or hospice or animals or children.

Dr Usui came to me and verified that he was not only endorsing this new Reiki, he is an integral part of the team offering me this assignment.  So far, as part of Manna Reiki and White Star Reiki I have channeled a variety of messages from:

Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Arcturian Commander

The Arcturian Council, Melchizedek, White Cloud, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel

Raphael, Jeshua, Kwan Yin, and Aleya of Venus (Others are coming and I am humbled and thrilled to share what they offer.)